Content Management

lift up the content of your website

levitype is a platform for your website
that allows for quick and carefree editing of your content

No more separate
admin applications

Edit a page while you're on it. You don't need to look for your content in a separate admin application.

Why all the hassle with following numerous steps to make even a small change?

Find the content on the site as you know it and start updating it right there.

Easy to use interface

Get more power to edit your site with tools that are simple to use.

Drag and drop pictures directly from your desktop and forget about rescaling them to the appropriate size. Levitype will do it for you!

It doesn't just upload the content. It knows the content!

Smaller server for lower costs

Levitype is a lightweight framework and you will need a smaller server to run it than most other content management systems require.

So that you can make monthly savings on your hosting!

Try me!

Go on and edit this website to see how levitype works.

No registration is necessary and you can change the content of this site in just a few simple steps.

start editing

... or watch.

This is a step by step video
demonstrating how you can edit a website with levitype.